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Alleghany Services, based in Basom, consists of several companies that provide services to customers in New York and six other states, including Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Delaware and Maryland.

Alleghany Farm Services and Alleghany Construction are the two largest companies included in Alleghany Services, which is led by Managing Partner Chad Klotzbach; Drew Klotzbach, Partner; and Dianne Klotzbach, partner.

The company was founded by Drew and Dianne Klotzbach in 1983. Drew’s son, Chad, became involved full-time in 2010, which helped modernize and streamline the drainage portion of Farm Services.

Alleghany Farm Services, 7342 Alleghany Road, Basom, is an agricultural drainage management company that assists in land improvement through the design and installation of drainage pipes.

This year, the Genesee County Chamber of Commerce named Alleghany Farm Services the Farm Business of the Year for 2022.

“We are incredibly grateful for this honor. All of our employees have invested so much time and energy, often going above and beyond for our customers, truly, we couldn’t have done it all without them,” Chad said.

Relying heavily on word-of-mouth, Alleghany Farm Services provides knowledge, experience and professionalism for every job.

“Our jobs require us to conduct research, understand the science, and provide our clients with the latest and most up-to-date knowledge, typically from the Midwest and Southern Ontario, Canada. Most of our new customers come from a contractor who “has always done it this way” and no one really knows why – or they’re completely new to drainage. Either way, most of my work boils down to education, and even with that, I’m constantly learning new things to come up with better solutions. The science behind how subsurface drainage works is actually fascinating…it’s way more complex than just digging a line with a backhoe and hoping the water drains away. You need to consider soil types, land use, water quality, erosion, the list goes on… With this knowledge, our own personal experience in the field, to regularly updating our equipment with the latest technology as well as hiring extremely talented staff, we are proud to have experienced incredible business growth through our investments,” said Chad.

Those requiring drainage solutions should contact Alleghany Farm Services with any inquiries. They can then expect to be guided through potential solutions with expert help.

“Our sales team is always the first point of contact. We then start collecting survey data, either by physically driving in the field with our four-wheeled vehicle and rover, or by using elevation data provided by the government. Using this and other research into existing tiles, floor types, wet areas and other notable features along with customer requests, we then create our design. Once the design and quote have been adjusted and approved, we begin planning the installation of one of the plows, trenchers or vine plows. We can install an average of around 15,000 feet per day per machine. We do everything to ensure that our clients are as involved as they wish throughout the process. We backfill everything and clean up the job when it’s done. We maintain our work and stay in touch after projects are completed to ensure everything is running smoothly and to handle any follow-up work – and to ensure that our clients are happy with their projects and continue to work together on future projects,” Chad said.

On an average day, Alleghany Farm Services works with large traditional dairy, grain and vegetable farms, but often works with individual landowners as well.

“…We try to focus more on building the relationship rather than working. It’s not a service you hire and never hear from the contractor again, it’s an investment that requires maintenance, and we try to always be available for questions and concerns. It’s our job to be the experts, so we focus on keeping up to date with the latest developments and research, while being part of the research. We are currently working with organizations around the Chesapeake Bay who are trying to drain fields better, doing things like limiting nutrient runoff – which is both costly for farmers and bad for the environment,” Chad said.

“With our new narrow plow, we have been able to work in several existing vineyards and orchards,” he continued. “It’s such a new concept; I had, I think, five customers who came to measure the plow because they didn’t think it would fit between their rows of vines.

Alleghany Farm Services has installed over 20 million feet of pipe in the past 10 years and more than doubled the size of its business in the past five years. Additionally, they are the first to adopt GPS in the design and installation of drainage in the northeast. Going forward, customers can expect Alleghany Farm Services to continue investing in their community, providing good jobs and a great place to work.

“Genesee County is a great place to live and do business. We started to organize these open houses during the year to show the community who we are and what we do. So if you know anyone who has questions about tiling or might need drainage, give us a call,” Chad said.

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