Spreading democracy through the internet… not!

It’s been said time and time again that the internet is an excellent medium for the participation in the democratic process. In Germany they hold elections through the internet, in the UK they hold petitions on Downing Street’s website. In the US, not so much. In fact, even when there is an opportunity to use […]

Blocking unlawful P2P traffic

Ohio University seems to heed RIAA’s threats and bans (or better, regulates) P2P traffic in its network. According to this article other schools do not seem prepared to take the same approach. The reasoning goes that with existing technology it is not possible to limit unlawful p2p traffic without also impacting legitimate usage. This is […]

Touché Mr. Branson

Just saw this article about Stephen Hawking in zero gravity – and he certainly looks like he’s on top of the world (pun intended)! And although that out-of-gravity experience of his might even inspire him out of whatever scientific black hole he happens to be in these days the message is clear for all: if […]

Can the humanities talk to science?

There’s an interesting post over at Peter Merholz’s blog today. What grabbed me about it are some characteristics of innovation that are implicitly mentioned. PM starts off based on the statistical results recently made public according to which the US are falling behind in the production of engineers and scientists. He then goes on to […]

Joost is upon us… soon.

Having beta tested Joost a bit I realise it’s good (albeit buggy) but its future will depend greatly on the design and content levels achieved.

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