Google’s Street View

I’m checking out Google Maps’ new Street View feature, and I’ve got to say, it’s pretty cool! You’ve probably seen the 3D type of plugin, used often by hotel sites which allows them to show you a 3D panoramic view of a room, or a space. Well, Street View is the same thing. Except, instead […]

Greek Blogger Camp 2007

This weekend I’ll be over at Ios island where the Greek Blogger Camp is to take place:) Big thanks to Titanas [greek] for organising the event. Any such initiative is worth praise if only for the fact that mainly one person made it all happen. Plus, it’s a great way to meet up with fellow […]

Idea: A ‘Thank You’ service

Earlier today, I had to take care of an errand in a Civil Service. I got there only to be informed that my request can only be handled on a Wednesday. I could however, according to the information desk, give it a go doing it today anyway. They refer me to the relevant office and […]

Re: ReCaptcha: Recycling the toxic parts of the internet

The story of the CAPTCHA is a long one – according to this Wikipedia article, people have been trying to fool people that their computers are people since as early as 1997. When confronted with a distorted and defaced word most humans can untangle them and gain access to the protected service: entrance to the […]

Search function for Facebook

I was playing around with Facebook and I was suprised to find that it’s not possible to make advanced search queries. You can look for people who work for a specific company, or people who live in an area, but not for both of them happening at the same time. With most companies operating in […]

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