The Eureka Effect: a moment of insight

Lately, I’ve made a point of finding more interesting blogs (and websites in general) and trying to keep a tab on as many of them as possible. I’ve had some progress in sorting through at least some of the main blogs in the field (see e.g. previous post) but in the process it’s also become […]

Mind mapping with

Given that my mind is in constant chaos and thus almost always in need to be put in a state somehow resembling order, I’ve always been a fan of things that help in that field, both online and offline. One such example is a wiki, which I do keep a personal version of for storing […]

Mobipocket Reader

I have this nasty habit, I always try to get 100% of what my gadgets have to offer. If I don’t, I feel like I wasted my money away. I won’t get into how stupid that is, so let’s take it as a given. I only mentioned to explain why I decided to install every […]

MoBlogging for

Andy Moore has created this very cool plugin for WordPress which creates a mobile version of your site. When you visit the site with your mobile phone, the plugin detects the version of your phone and automatically formats the site in the optimum way. This not only allows for a much better user experience, but […]

YouTube Debates: Democracy via technology

Technology can provide innovation to the democratic process and it seems that YouTube and CNN are determined to do just that. You can visit the YouTube Debates site and upload your video, asking a question to the democrats and republican candidates. A selection of the questions (chosen by CNN staff) will be included in the […]

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