Synergy: Two computers – One desktop

If you’d like to use one mouse and keyboard to control the joined desktop of a Linux Ubuntu and a Microsoft Windows computer, read on.

So what’s fundamental about Facebook (apps)?

Despite the number of apps for Facebook and the like, few add real use. Deeper thought and real-world interaction is required to make them fundamental.

Clicking the real world

A glimpse of a trully digital future that will make you hunger for a taste of it.

Zune is not a flop. Yet.

Zune is not a flop. Not just yet. Just look at the Xbox, and how far along it has come.

Wabisabilabi: Security exploits to the highest bidder

Wabisabilabi is a fairly new website which sells security exploits to the highest bidder. It’s not an underground network created by hackers, even though it might sound like it. In fact, it’s been created to provide an incentive to security researchers who up to now did not get properly compensated for their work. According to […]

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