As it has become obvious, we have slowed down (or rather come to a halt) our blogging during the month of August. Vacation calls and my RSS reader agrees, showing few posts from most major news sources. We’ll be back soon! PS. WordPress’ spell correction flags “blogging” as a spelling mistake.

A few blog upgrades

The blog’s banner was upgraded and a Pownce badge was added, which is to be used as a micro-posting platform.

Advertisers keep their distance from controversial Facebook pages

Vodafone, Virgin Media and others stop their Facebook campaigns when their advertisements appear in the British National Party’s pages.

AideRSS: an RSS helper doing its best

I review AideRSS, a service to whittle down less important posts in your RSS feeds.

Migration to online office applications

When will online office applications take off? How will Microsoft handle the transition? Will we get locked into another proprietary file format?

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