Flirting with Filtrbox: a fling?

Flirtbox allows you to monitor certain keywords as they appear in various social media – it works but also requires some improvements.

What lies past information overload?

We shouldn’t worry about information overload; instead we should aim to maximize information and learn how to handle ideally all of it.

Cheap. Easy. Global. And Individual.

Readers of this blog will probably have noticed that Calacanis decided to stop blogging in what, some might say, was a fit of drama. Yes, this is no big news in itself. It did however spur a bit of discussion that blogging may be dead (yes, again) and other nonsense – as if blogging could […]

Crosspost: OpenCoffee Athens is one year old!

Opencoffee’s 1-year anniversary event was a success in Bocca beach bar. The place, the presentations and the smart crowd, all contributed to a fun evening.