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Dimitris says…

Having experienced my part of the academia for quite a bit now, I’ve been gradually alienated by its staleness and how little it actually affects things. Sure, you get to involve yourself with some of the most majestic beasts in the Universe – but at a cost of missing so many equally (or perhaps even more) fascinating changes happening all around you.

And I want to be an active part of all these.

With the internet and technology cutting deeper and deeper into our lives, I’m a firm believer that the geek shall inherit the earth – or at least play a serious part in shaping it. What we now consider belonging to the geek realm will spread to more and more people. These individuals with totally different backgrounds will most likely spend their time doing things totally unrelated to traditionally geeky stuff. The virtual world itself will be so inseparable from the physical that people will need a minimum of interaction with this hybrid-space – or eventually become marginalised.

It is this integration I’m most interested in and the ideas (as well as their implementation) it will take to make it as interesting as possible. So far, I’ve already been involved in a number of projects on a semi-professional level (details in the blog) and having done well, it is time to set off on that trail more seriously.

And, man, are we in for the ride of our lives…

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Thomas says…

Innovation and creativity are dependant upon existing technology as much as they are dependant upon demand. It would be foolish to innovate with no target audience and it would be painful to be creative without the means to do so.

I like:

I dislike:

I can’t be a Linus Torvalds (creator of Linux kernel). I can’t live on spaghetti.
I can’t be a Steve Ballmer (Microsoft CEO). I like technology too much for that to happen.

I’m pretty sure there’s a middle road between the two and I intend to find it.

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