Can Twitter message the telcos?

Twitter is taking the cost of connecting users with the online world. It should agree with telcos to make it all more sustainable for everyone.

Greek elections: YouTube debate

I watched the first Greek YouTube debate yesterday and although I did see certain benefits, it’s not exactly the citizen participation I was expecting.

A few blog upgrades

The blog’s banner was upgraded and a Pownce badge was added, which is to be used as a micro-posting platform.

Astronomy and the new media

The past week I was in Rhodes attending this conference – hence the lack of posts. There were lots of astronomers from all over that world there (i.e. Italy, US and UK) and it was probably as specialised as it can get. And as is perhaps the case with most fields of specialisation there is […]

YouTube Debates: Democracy via technology

Technology can provide innovation to the democratic process and it seems that YouTube and CNN are determined to do just that. You can visit the YouTube Debates site and upload your video, asking a question to the democrats and republican candidates. A selection of the questions (chosen by CNN staff) will be included in the […]

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