Marketing local and online

I suggest a few ways someone can market a product in a local market by interacting with existing communities.

Free wireless is good for your business

An open letter to any bricks & mortar business to attract the 25-30 demographic in their premises: offer free broadband!

Mildly-Massive Multiplayer Theatre Games?

I’m sure some of you have seen the following video where prior to seeing a film in the cinema the viewers collectively play a game of ‘arkanoid’/breakout simply by moving their hands right and left – motions that a sensor in the room picks up and controls the paddle. And every now and then when […]

Touché Mr. Branson

Just saw this article about Stephen Hawking in zero gravity – and he certainly looks like he’s on top of the world (pun intended)! And although that out-of-gravity experience of his might even inspire him out of whatever scientific black hole he happens to be in these days the message is clear for all: if […]