Live content matters

The content most sought after by TV channels is none other than the coverage of live events.

Enabling content shortening

Would it be useful to crowdsource the creation of summaries of texts to the readers of those texts?

Information building blocks

Information overload from passages propagated online can be reduced by breaking passages down to their components and summarising them.

Web Annotation & Social Bookmarking

Following the comment by Panagiotis (thanks!) on the previous post “The Real Read / Write Web“, I decided to do a  little browsing around the Web Annotation and Social Bookmarking field and came up with a quick list of all the services I could find, with some short notes for each one. The web has […]

Data management: availability or efficiency?

The problem of managing your data (whether in the cloud or locally) is a complicated one – as demonstrated by the recent Gmail outage.

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