Websource.it: Business Development person wanted!

We are willing to pay 50% of the revenue for the next 3 months to whomever will take on the business development of websource.it!

The OpenFund is here!

The OpenFund is an internet and software startup mentoring and funding scheme based on 4-month competition cycles – applications have started!

A new project: Greekstartups.com is here!

Greekstartups.com is a project I was involved in and launched last week – it aims to be a simple yet complete index of the Greek startups.

Athens Startup Weekend I

I recount the first day in Athens Startup Weekend where our team started working on calculating a social impact index and building howsocial.ru.

The making of a name

While making WebSource.it I wrote a guide about how to pick a name for a project – here I present it.

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