Question search engine

Instead of trying to optimise our search engines to look for answers maybe we could try to make it look for the right questions?

A Venn diagram generator?

While answering mave‘s comment at this post, I remembered that about a year ago I was looking for a Venn diagram generator application. The idea of the application is that it should be able to accept as input from the user a number of distinct groups (or ‘sets’), say A, B and C or the […]

What’s keeping Google up at night?

A couple of days ago I saw the latest episode of the TV show Entourage. At the end of the episode there was a Spanish rendition of the song Hotel California. I thought it was very cool and I immediately started looking for it. When I want to find a song I usually type the […]

Search function for Facebook

I was playing around with Facebook and I was suprised to find that it’s not possible to make advanced search queries. You can look for people who work for a specific company, or people who live in an area, but not for both of them happening at the same time. With most companies operating in […]

Weaponizing the internet

I’m wondering, has any country developed a department (which would probably be attached to the ministry of defense) which would, in case of war, attack the enemy’s IT infrastructure? Interrupt communications with massive DDOS attacks, bring them to a crawl and thus prohibiting crucial coordination between parts of the enemy government? More importantly, such an […]