Websource.it: Business Development person wanted!

We are willing to pay 50% of the revenue for the next 3 months to whomever will take on the business development of websource.it!

Web Annotation & Social Bookmarking

Following the comment by Panagiotis (thanks!) on the previous post “The Real Read / Write Web“, I decided to do a  little browsing around the Web Annotation and Social Bookmarking field and came up with a quick list of all the services I could find, with some short notes for each one. The web has […]

Your take from LeWeb08

We did a brief interview of people from the startup world at LeWeb08 – their videos are on this post.

My take from LeWeb08

LeWeb08 had some problems the most important being it was overwhelming with many people: suggestions about who to talk to could have been made beforehand.

Athens Startup Weekend II

Athens Startup Weekend concludes and with it our own project howsocial.ru launches!

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