Microsoft, patent this!

Patents are a big mess. Few people will disagree with this statement. On the theoretical level patents equal innovation. You produce something innovative, an idea or a product, and then you protect it. The protection guarantees a high profit which in turn increases the value of the innovative idea or product. Individuals and companies are […]

Innovative marketing: sue them and they shall buy

Nope, this article does not refer to RIAA or MPAA. There’s a new kid on the block who uses litigation as a tool to attract new customers: Media Rights Technologies. You can find the story here but I will tell it in a very cool and innovative manner so you may want to keep reading. […]

Spreading democracy through the internet… not!

It’s been said time and time again that the internet is an excellent medium for the participation in the democratic process. In Germany they hold elections through the internet, in the UK they hold petitions on Downing Street’s website. In the US, not so much. In fact, even when there is an opportunity to use […]