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ForumView 0.1 (BETA)

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A WordPress plugin which displays the latest posts and comments, much like traditional forum software. It is meant to make it easier for users to track and read the latest comments made on a blog.

The first post that appears on the top of the list is the post which has the latest comment. The second post on the list has the second latest comment, etc. This way the reader can conveniently locate any new comments and follow up on the conversation, without having to scan all blog posts for updates.

On the right, you can see some screenshots of ForumView in action. And of course you can play around with it on our front page.

ForumView is still in beta and has limited features. If we receive a positive response we will be adding more features. Please send any comments to

ForumView is licensed under the GPL license. It is compatible with WordPress 2.2 and later versions (it may work with previous versions but it hasn’t been tested).

Download ForumView (BETA)


The following instructions can also be found in the zip file.

1. Unzip the contents of the zip file on your hard drive. You should end up with a folder called “wp-forumview”.

2. Copy the entire folder to your WordPress installation. Put it in wp-content/plugins/.

3. Log in to WordPress as administrator. Go to Presentation > Theme Editor. Depending on where you want to place the plugin, edit the corresponding template file. For example, in our blog, we placed it in the left sidebar, by editing l_sidebar.php. Add the following line in the template file:

<?php if (function_exists('wp_forumview')) {wp_forumview();}?>

Alternatively, if you also want to add a header, use the following code:

<h2>Latest Comments</h2><?php if (function_exists('wp_forumview')) {wp_forumview();}?>

4. Use the administration panel to activate the plugin. Go to Plugins and look for ForumView. Hit “Activate”.

5. (Optional) You can configure the plugin through the administration panel. Look in Options for ForumView.

And that’s it! You’re up and running! Give it a spin, and if you have any feedback, or you are having trouble with the install, drop us a line at


This .pdf describes the process I follow when determining the name for something. Its aim is to outline a method that can hopefully be used in most name-deciding cases. In the appendix, I give an example of how to find the name of a website domain.

Download Nameguide

Have a read and let us know what you think at