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These days everyone seems to be making an app store. I think it all started (or at least became popular) with the iPhone releasing their SDK or – or was it with Twitter opening up their API? And then Android, Facebook of course, Yahoo, MySpace as well as any startup with a few miles behind them are opening up their platform so that 3rd party developers can create value for whatever it is they are making.

And soon after that even more mainstream companies like Nokia and Vodafone weigh in by making their own platforms (more) available – something that should have happened much earlier actually.

The problem is that there are only so many people with the ability (let alone the interest and time) to actually sit down and create something worthy. Sure, providing a means to make something (i.e. some sort of income for the developer) out of the time and energy spent creating an app – like Apple does with the iPhone – works as an incentive. But what else can be used to grab the attention of the creators – something perhaps even more important than the attention of the crowds?

Some say – even more than money – giving respect to a developer/coder/programmer is enough to attract his attention. I guess it’s respect by demonstrating you’ve created something worthy technically speaking. It may also be respecting his or her values – e.g. by releasing open source or contributing to it if aiming for that community. Or you could show developers respect simply by admitting that they – collectively – know better and as such should be able to significantly contribute to (if not be in charge of) where your platform is going.

Or, finally, it could be a simple list of top peers whose first places they can aim to achieve. I guess that’s taking respect to a whole new level – and turning it into old-fashioned glory and fame among equals as well as the broader public.

What do you think? Is there another factor that developers covet?

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