Why cigars symbolize success

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It’s been ages since I last wrote here but a lot has happened in the past couple of years. I co-founded a startup which didn’t go so well (a story to be told, for sure), I have been contributing to another which is moving on strong, I changed over to the industry described by the dreaded term of ‘social media consulting‘ (Greek) and last but definitely not least got married and became a father.

Why come back to this blog after so long then? Well, the blog was never really abandoned in the back of my mind and all it needed was a bit of free time and an excuse. I got one of the two now so here it goes.

In a couple of weeks a good friend (whom I unfortunately see all too rarely) will be walking into a room full of his peers looking forward to learn the results of his and his team’s efforts in the Berlin Film Festival 2012. He’s very pro-health so I doubt this will actually be true but let’s assume for the sake of this story that in his suit’s inner pocket there will be a cigar waiting to be lit when the good news are announced.

And the night will unfold and expectations will keep growing. And eventually it’ll be them who win the prize and everybody will be happy and at last justified for all the costly decisions they have made, all the work and the time spent on this and other projects building up to it. It will be a great moment which will be made even greater by the doors it will open and the roads it will pave for higher goals. But that will be a thing of the future because that night at some point my friend will light his cigar and celebrate his success in this among other ways.

Or the results may not favor them.

A good possibility as it is their first time there. Somebody else’s name will be announced, they will probably be happy for them but they will also be definitely disappointed for coming so close and not making it. Surely, being nominated is important and some things will be better than before but it’s not the same as taking the award, is it? And my friend will celebrate the night but with much less passion, less whole-heartedly. Because the cigar in his suit inner pocket will remain unlit.

But it’s ok. He can keep the cigar, save it for the next such occasion – cigars don’t go bad. In fact, you can keep them somewhere at the back of your room (or mind), properly cared for, and work towards them. So, that’s it, even if you don’t get it right the first time, or the second or the third for that matter, the cigar is there to remind you that the game is still on and you’ll have other opportunities to light it.

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