Canada assures Ghana of its support for the management of natural resources


Benito Owusu-Bio with Canadian dignitaries and other officials

Canada’s Environment and Climate Minister, Steve Guibeault, has pledged the support of the Canadian government to ensure the sustainable management of Ghana’s substantial resources, including land, forests and minerals, which play a key role in development. from the country.

He said Canada’s contribution to the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility Fund has supported Ghana’s efforts to reduce the country’s greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation and land degradation.

The Canadian minister who is in the country to study Ghana’s forestry and environmental sector has applauded Ghana for its key reforestation campaign, notably the Green Ghana which has seen the planting of over 5 million trees in 2021.

Hon. Guilbeault also pointed to Canada’s similar involvement in planting trees by 2030, especially at a time when the world is grappling with the climate change crisis.

Receiving the 11-member delegation on behalf of the Sector Minister, Hon. Benito Owusu-Bio, Deputy Minister of Lands and Forests, said the ministry is embarking on an aggressive reforestation program that aims to plant 20 million trees to tackle climate change and restore the vegetation cover of the country.

The Canadian High Commissioner, HE Katherine Csaba, said her team has a positive relationship with the ministry, particularly in the area of ​​mining, and looks forward to continued collaboration.

At a recent United Nations forum, Ghana was highly commended for its tree-planting initiative and called for closer partnership with countries like Canada to, among other things, carry out national this year’s tree planting a resounding success.

Addressing some of the government’s flagship interventions in the mining sector, the Minister’s Mining Adviser, Mr. Benjamin Aryee, said the introduction of a community mining scheme, provision of mercury-free machinery for mainly miners mining, aimed at promoting sustainable mining in the small-scale mining sector contributes about 35% of the country’s mining revenue.

The mining adviser also called for a partnership of the Canadian government in the field of mineral exploration.

The Ghana Forest Investment Program (GFIP) Project Manager, Mr. Tabi Agyarko, said, “GFIP engages the private sector in Redd+ activities to reduce emissions.

He revealed that the GFIP focused on large companies and was limited to small and medium-sized companies. We secured seven million dollars ($7 million) which will be channeled through the Agricultural Development Bank to expand the new planting program.”

Also present at the meeting was the Chief Director, Prof. Patrick Agbesinyale and other directors of the ministry.

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