Domestic exporters should focus on the quality of agricultural products: Vijay Raghavan

The government’s senior scientific adviser, Vijay Raghavan, suggested that domestic exporters take care of the quality of agricultural products, as this was always the biggest challenge for the sector’s exporters in the country.

Quality, regulation and market analysis are of vital importance for exports of agricultural, horticultural and fishery products, he said during the two-day EIFT virtual orientation workshop ( Federation of Indian Export Organizations) on R&D exports, concluded August 12.

“The senior scientific adviser stressed the need to focus on the quality of agricultural products, as it was always the biggest challenge facing agricultural exporters in our country,” EIFE said in a statement quoting Raghavan.

The adviser also said that world trade in R&D (research and development) services reached USD 339 billion in 2020. Of this total, exports amounted to USD 167 billion, and India has enormous capacity in the area.

“There is a need to look at agriculture in a classic way and focus more on becoming an ‘IT Agri Nation’ by analyzing data on climate change, plant growth, exports, etc.”, said he added.

FIEO President A Sakthivel said investment in R&D is important for the country’s economic growth.

“The promotion and impact of growth in the R&D services sector leads to growth in employment, innovation, improved quality, productivity and exports.

“India needs to increase its investment in R&D, which currently represents 0.7% of our GDP, which is much lower than the expenditure on R&D by many countries like the United States (2.8% of GDP ), China (2.1%), and Israel (4.3%), ”Sakthivel said.

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