More potential agricultural products nominated for export to China


Cambodia has named a number of potential agricultural products for export to China. It comes just after the Kingdom made its first official direct shipment of fresh mangoes to China.

The named agricultural products include palin longan, durian, dragon fruit, and healthy bird saliva (the binding agent in bird nests).

These products would join fresh mangoes and fresh bananas as approved Cambodian agricultural exports to China.

Prak Phanara, Cambodia’s commercial attaché in Beijing, said the first official shipment of fresh mangoes to China last month was extremely important in promoting the fruit to Chinese people. Fresh mangoes were the second agricultural product, after fresh bananas, to be approved for direct shipment to China.

“With the concerted efforts of the two nations, more delicious and fresh agricultural products, including Pailin’s longan, durian, dragon fruit and healthy bird saliva, may soon be allowed to enter the Chinese market. “Phanara said last week.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries recently announced the formation of a working group to study the potential of agricultural products to export to overseas markets, especially to China and its population of 1.4 billion. inhabitants.

“The ministry is working to identify potential products and then provide support, as technical assistance will need to be provided to move production from plantation to processing for export,” he said.

The ministry is also working to improve sanitary and phytosanitary standards to meet the obligations required for exporting, he said.

Commerce Ministry spokesman Penn Sovicheat said frameworks for exporting products to China have already been developed and the remaining work is to meet export standards required by China.

“The Ministry of Commerce and the Chinese side discussed and agreed on the principle of allowing Cambodian products to China. This means that we can export the products but we have to overcome the challenges of meeting standard requirements, ”Sovicheat said.

Figures from the Ministry of Agriculture show Cambodia exported 3 million tonnes of non-rice agricultural products from January to May, an increase of 67 percent to date.

These exports generated revenues totaling $ 1.799 billion.

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