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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A COVID-19 cluster infection involving wholesale markets operated by the Taipei Agricultural Products Marketing Corporation (TAPMC, 臺北 農 產 運銷 公司) increased by 15 cases on Friday, June 25.

At a press briefing on Friday, the Minister of the Agriculture Council (COA), Chen Chi-chung (陳吉仲) announced that 5,022 employees, contractors and salespeople had passed rapid tests on the Greater Taipei fruit and vegetable markets. Of these people, 15 received a positive result in a PCR test.

In order to strengthen the implementation of epidemic control measures under the Taipei “Market Project”, a working group was established on June 24. This included the adoption of four measures: the rapid administration of PCR tests on all TAPMC employees Wholesale market (第一 市場) and Huanhe market (環 南 市場), implementation of epidemiological surveys on confirmed cases, compilation of a contact list of cases as soon as possible, and testing and isolation.

Chen pointed out that as of June 20, all employees, contractors and suppliers were tested, including 5,022 from TAPMC, of ​​which 15 were positive. However, 3,626 people in these groups have tested negative for the virus in New Taipei City.

As of June 24, all categories of staff had to provide proof of a negative coronavirus test before they could enter the markets. They are among the priority groups to be vaccinated.

Chen pointed out that except for five people who tested positive in the surrounding community, the 15 cases associated with TAPMC were all related to Linpi Market (臨 披 市場) on Minzu East Road in Zhongshan District in Taipei. In the case of the booths where someone has been confirmed to carry the virus, Chen said they must suspend operations for 14 days, cooperate with epidemiological investigations and follow the CECC’s epidemic prevention guidelines.

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