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For China, the peak period of the agricultural mesh bag export season is between August and October. However, this year the volume of exports is much lower than in previous years due to high transportation costs, the appreciation of the Chinese yuan and the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Shandong Fullway Import & Export Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the manufacture of agricultural mesh bags. Company spokesperson Annie presented the current export market conditions and spoke about the company’s response to custom demands and innovations in the agricultural mesh bag industry.

“The price of shipping has been on the rise since October of last year. Shipping a standard container from Qingdao to Rotterdam now costs around $ 15,000. Some foreign buyers are now hesitant that the cost of transportation is so high. However, China has managed to control the domestic spread of Covid-19 quite well and supplies are plentiful, which has attracted a lot of attention from owners of processing plants in South America and Africa who were buying agricultural bags. net from suppliers in South Asia and Southeast Asia. The additional interest stimulates Chinese exports. . In recent weeks, we have shipped an average of two sea containers per week. “

“Our product line includes tubular mesh bags and plain weave mesh bags (2kg to 75kg). Our mesh bags are suitable for packing potatoes, onions, carrots, garlic and other agricultural products, ”said Annie. “Mesh bags can be distinguished based on their pattern. There are three main patterns: knitting, plain weaving, and circular weaving. Customers in Russia and Ukraine prefer PE knitted mesh bags. Customers from South America prefer the circular weaving net PP bags. In the Netherlands and Germany, our customers traditionally prefer PP plain weave mesh bags. Customers also have varying requirements for labels, colors, sizes and weights. We can make custom mesh bags to satisfy the variety of customers. conditions. “

Automated packaging of agricultural products is gradually becoming the norm. A growing number of factories and packaging farms are investing in automated weighing and packaging equipment. These packaging changes also have consequences for agricultural mesh bag suppliers who must meet higher standards.

Asked about the advantages of Shandong Fullway, Annie explained, “First of all, one of the main problems in the industry is the technology required to drill holes. To meet the demands of our customers, we have purchased the appropriate equipment and added a dedicated production line. at our manufacturing facility. After several improvements, we have now perfected the perforation technology in our factory. We can meet any request from our customers. Second, there is a common trend in the industry to recycle used mesh bags. Although these bags are less expensive, they are also less flexible than new bags. They can also retain some of the smell of previous products. And the quality of the product cannot be guaranteed. Mesh bags made from raw materials are more flexible, smoother, and the color is more vivid. There is no residual impact from previous use. “

“In addition to the product characteristics, one of our main advantages in this dark market is fast delivery. Although the impact of Covid-19 and shipping delays are affecting our regular operations, we are still working hard to deliver our products within 20 days.

Shandong Fullway exports agricultural mesh bags to more than 50 countries. “We have gone through a long period of development, but now we are a well-known name in the agricultural mesh bag market with a high rate of loyal customers. As our business grows, we also hope to connect with even more vegetable packaging factories and farms. We are more than happy to send samples of our products to potential new customers, ”said Annie.

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