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Press release

ACC Trust revives ancient water resources for better livelihoods

at Chandrapur and Yavatmal in Maharashtra

  • Collaborative Efforts of ACC Trust and Communities to Improve Water Availability

  • Irrigation structures increased agricultural activity by 40 percent

  • Restoration of drought-prone villages through the construction of wells

Mumbai, 13and April 2022: ACC Trust, the corporate social responsibility (CSR) arm of ACC Ltd, has consistently made collaborative efforts to improve water availability in rural communities in 9 villages in Chandrapur and Yavatmal district of Maharashtra.

As water is vital for the survival of life on earth; adequate water is needed for irrigation, power generation, industries, wildlife and for domestic purposes as well. Especially when it comes to villages, water is the fundamental source as the villagers totally depend on it for their livelihood. Therefore, the supply of drinking water and irrigation water becomes necessary to ensure the health of their crops and livestock.

Sridhar Balakrishnan, MD and CEO, ACC Limited said“At ACC Trust, we have consistently worked to improve the lives of rural people by meeting their critical needs such as access to water through water conservation programs. Our focus on water resource management, especially in water-scarce areas, will continue to grow through persistent interventions and collaboration with local communities. The Company adopts a holistic approach, which ensures sustainable management of water resources.”

ACC Trust implemented the Community Interaction Intervention Model, which began with Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) exercises in all potential project areas. Following the PRA, agricultural production and practices, as well as the water sources through which the irrigation networks were managed. In the early phases of the project, a group focused on community mobilization was formed, along with Water Users Association (WUA) committees, to identify and understand farmers’ needs and priorities.

ACC Trust has proposed some structures for the implementation, firstly, construction and repair of Cement Nala Bund (CNB) which helps to collect rainwater which helps farmers to double crops and grow more of Rabi cultures. Another structure involves the promotion and installation of drip/micro irrigation to control flood irrigation and finally, the de-silting of agricultural ponds and ponds has been proposed.

Thanks to these structures, the availability of water has increased for irrigation for 3 months, especially after the monsoons, allowing 671 hectares. It increased the agricultural area for the nearest farmers and agricultural activity by 40%. Farmers were able to grow Rabi crops and the productivity also increased up to 7-8 Quintal.

Wells constructed near CNB were previously dry, but now they are filled with water until June, which has resulted in less migration from villages and increased accessibility for livestock. Additionally, the water table level was raised from 150 feet to 180 feet. The village at the end of the district was entirely rainfed for the last 1-2 years, now has water available after the monsoons. The Company’s initiatives have irrigated approximately 120 hectares of land.

This initiative has grown and is consistent with VAC’s philosophy of building prosperity for communities, we will continue to expand our water conservation efforts.

About ACC

ACC Limited, member of Holcim Group, is one of India’s leading producers of cement and ready-mixed concrete. It has more 6,400 employees, 17 cement manufacturing sites, 80 concrete plants and a national network of more than 50,000 distribution partners serving its customers. With a world classs R&D center in Mumbai, the quality of ACC’s products and services, as well as as well as its commitment to technological development, make it a preferred brand in building materials. Founded in 1936, ACC is among the “most sustainable companies in the country”‘ and is recognized for its best practices in environmental stewardship and corporate citizenship. With sustainability at the core of its strategy, ACC is the first Indian cement company to sign the Net Zero Pledge with Science Based Targets.

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