Agricultural Business Development Center


Created as part of the PA Farm Bill 2019, the Agricultural Business Development Center (ABDC) is a new initiative spanning the Economic Development Division of the Bureau of Market Development and the Bureau of Farmland Preservation. The new Center replaces both the Center for Agricultural Transitions and the Resource Center for Preserved Farms.

Designed to enhance the long-term vitality of Pennsylvania farms, ABDC focuses on providing support for sound business planning, effective farm ownership transitions, strategic farm expansion, diversification of agricultural production; and building a team of financial and technical expertise as a resource for Pennsylvania farmers.

More specifically, ABDC supports Farm transitions, connecting farmers to the next phase of their life and the future of their farm; Beginner farmers, providing advice and guidance to the next generation of Pennsylvania growers; Risk management, provide information on crop insurance and other risk management options; and Financial aid, connecting farmers with low-interest loan options and repayable subsidy programs.

To meet the challenges of 21st Agriculture of the Century, ABDC will help develop opportunities and resources, remove barriers to entry, and cultivate and nurture future generations to maintain the sustainability of Pennsylvania’s premier industry.

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