Buhari approves intermediaries to handle the export of agricultural products for Nigerian farmers


On Wednesday, the Muhammadu Buhari administration banned foreigners from buying agricultural products directly from Nigerian farmers, instead entrusting the business to indigenous intermediaries.

“The Federal Executive Council (FEC) today approved a ban on foreigners and their representatives from purchasing farm produce.

“From now on, only licensed and duly registered LOCAL buying agents can now buy produce directly from Nigerian farmers,” the government tweeted via his pseudonym.

The presidency, through Trade and Industry Minister Niyi Adebayo, has also tasked the Attorney General to draft legislation supporting the new policy.

“—As part of the FEC approval, the Attorney General will draft legislation that will be sent to NASS to support the implementation of the new policy.

“…We will also use commodity associations, to which farmers belong, to ensure effective implementation,” the government added.

With this policy, the Buhari regime hopes to address the challenges of under-pricing Nigerian farmers’ produce and prevent foreign buyers from marking Nigerian agricultural products as made in their country.

In October 2021, Mr Buhari blamed intermediaries for raising local food prices, accusing them of creating an artificial scarcity.

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