Cambodia hopes agricultural commodities for 2021 will exceed $ 13 billion


The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries hopes total agricultural production will exceed 2020, while by 2021 Cambodia will total $ 13 billion from agricultural exports.

In particular, agricultural exports for the first nine months of 2021 amounted to over 6 million tonnes, valued at $ 3.8 billion.

Agriculture Minister Veng Sakhon said on his Facebook account that thanks to the introduction of agricultural development policies in recent years, agricultural products have significantly increased and fulfilled local regulations and accelerated exports to markets. regional and global with quality and safety gradually adhering to implementation. of the “State Partnership for the Development of the Private Sector and the Agricultural Community”.

He said that the implementation of modern agriculture will help the work in the integrated agricultural system to be more productive and sustainable, and all stakeholders in the sector will benefit from the development of digitization and production tend to improve quality, safety and sustainability in food systems.

According to Sakhon, in addition to making good progress, the ministry also recognizes the many challenges that have been faced in this area, which are strongly focused on improving and solving challenges.

There are: Climate change, especially the disasters that occur every year in relation to floods and droughts, the state of agriculture in Cambodia is small and traditional (traditional), the global spread of Covid-19, the high cost of transporting agricultural products to international markets, the high cost of agricultural inputs for animal husbandry, animal husbandry and aquaculture, as well as the heavy processing of agricultural products.

Competitive prices with imported agricultural products, human resources and financing and support infrastructure are still limited to support agricultural modernization over the past three years, which has enabled only 1.2 million farmers to benefit of the project.

Of the more than 4 million farmers currently working in the agricultural sector, private sector investment in agricultural processing is still limited and there are trade barriers in terms of conditions.

Sanitary requirements of countries purchasing agricultural products, despite the fact that Cambodia has signed a free trade agreement, etc.

Private sector investments in the processing of agricultural products are still limited and there are trade barriers linked to the phytosanitary requirements of countries purchasing agricultural products, despite Cambodia’s free trade agreements.

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