Chinese investments to boost the presence of Cambodian agricultural products on international markets


As more and more investments from Chinese enterprises flow into Cambodia and agricultural cooperation increases, Cambodian agricultural products should be promoted in more international markets, especially the Chinese market.

Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Minister Veng Sakhon received a delegation of various companies on Jan. 17 to discuss cooperation in agriculture between Cambodia and China.

“Cambodia is a friend of China and in recent years the two sides have agreed to establish a comprehensive strategic partnership,” Minister Sakhon said. Cambodian-Sino agricultural cooperation was launched at the first Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation. The cooperation has led a number of companies to invest in Cambodia’s agricultural sector.

These investments aim to develop the Cambodian agricultural sector to ensure supply, quality, safety and standards for the export market. The Minister hopes that the investments will strengthen the presence of the country’s agricultural product in the international market.

The comprehensive strategic partnership agreement between the two countries has attracted a lot of Chinese investment to Cambodia as the fruit growing sector sees more development.

Minister Sakhon thanked China, its embassy and the General Administration of Customs for their cooperation in inspecting and evaluating the quality and hygiene requirements of Cambodian mango and turmeric products. Investments and cooperation will further develop the Cambodian agricultural sector and its sustainability.

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