EU 2022 promotion programs for agricultural products


The European Commission has allocated €185.9 million ($210.6 million) in 2022 for the promotion of European Union agri-food products both globally and in Europe. As in 2021, the focus is on promoting agricultural products and methods that support the objectives of the European Green Deal, such as EU organic products, fruit and vegetables, sustainable agriculture and well-being. to be animals.

On December 15, 2021, the European Commission announced that its annual promotion work program would allocate €185.9 million ($210.6 million) to promote EU agri-food products in and around the EU. outside the EU in 2022. work programme, Agriculture Commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski said: “Our promotion policy plays a key role in the transition to sustainable food systems. Our goal is to raise awareness of organic farming and more sustainable agricultural practices, coupled with the promotion of fresh fruits and vegetables, essential for a healthy and balanced diet. The demand for these products must grow if we want more producers to join the green transition. »

The 2022 work program focuses on campaigns that align with the ambitions of the European Green Deal and support the objectives of the Farm to Fork strategy, the European plan to fight against cancer and the biological action plan of the EU. As a result, budget lines are reserved for projects that promote organic products, raise awareness of EU rules on sustainable agriculture and animal welfare or increase the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables in the EU. New this year is that the visuals promoting the campaign will have to refer to the dietary guidelines based on the diet of the target EU country.

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