FAO experience in strengthening human capital in natural resource management in fragile and conflict-affected countries – Libya



Strengthening human capital in natural resource management in fragile and conflict-affected countries: FAO’s experience


Agriculture is essential for ensuring food security and represents an important source of income for the population, particularly in developing countries. Conflicts and conditions of fragility can, however, have direct negative consequences on this sector, from the lack and increase in the cost of inputs to the difficulties of accessing and securing natural resources and the disruption of production and markets. food, through the loss of biodiversity. Regardless of any development gains, many are seeing their incomes and food security suddenly disrupted.

Investing in human capital is essential to improve the management of natural resources and restore agriculture, food production and rural livelihoods, thus breaking the vicious cycle of instability, which considers the increase in food insecurity and disruption of the agricultural sector as a consequence and driver of conflict.

FAO’s Building Better Futures initiative aims to strengthen the skills of professionals working in the field of natural resource management and to reduce the technical and knowledge gap in countries affected by conflict and fragility.

Through the organization of series of online training sessions, the Initiative saw the participation of approximately 500 trainees from Libya, Mali and Niger. More than 140 videos and 150 presentations in 2 languages ​​have been produced and are now freely accessible via the Initiative websitea valuable opportunity for professionals around the world to refresh and develop their skills in natural resource management.

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