Government of Kebbi pledges additional resources to NG-CARES program


From Olanrewaju Lawal, Birnin Kebbi

Kebbi State Governor, Senator Abubakar Atiku Bagudu, said the state government will provide additional resources to the NG-CARES program, as soon as they are requested by the delivery platforms.

Bagudu told Birnin Kebbi as much during the launch of the scheme and promised that the state government would provide all necessary assistance to ensure its success in the state.

Represented by State Government Secretary, Alhaji Babale Umar Yauri, the Chairman of the APC Governors Forum said, “The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the economy of the country and Kebbi should not be overstated.

”We have seen global economies go into recession and all over the world the recovery is just beginning.

”This makes the CARES program not only timely but essential. The CARES program is a loan to the state government approved by the House of Assembly as part of our 2022 spending plans.

”It has been carefully designed to ensure maximum impact across all focus areas. We remain resolute and committed to sustaining livelihoods, supporting SMEs and maintaining food security.”

Bagudu further commended the efforts of the World Bank and Federal Cares technical team for making time to be here despite their many commitments and busy schedules.

He said, “Two weeks ago, we received here the World Bank team from Kebbi for the hybrid implementation support mission, to build capacity and further expand the arrangement. Institutional of NG-CARES.

“Kebbi State has successfully hosted the North West States comprising of Sokoto, Zamfara, Kano, Jigawa and Katsina.

”I had the privilege of also having the Task Team Leader, Prof. Okunmadewa at the Kebbi State Governor’s Pavilion to further discuss the modus operandi of the CARES program.

“During this meeting, I promised the TTL that the state government would inject additional resources of up to N5 billion to ensure the success of the CARES program.

”By design, the CARES program should take place over a period of 2 years. We have a target of 28,291 for the 9 disbursement link indicators (DLIs).

”Unsurprisingly, the bulk of our CARES interventions will go to the agricultural intervention component to strengthen food security and provide much-needed assistance to small-scale farmers. ”

According to Bagudu, being aware of the urgent nature of agricultural interventions and the need for urgent intervention in all result areas, “we are committed to providing the additional resources from the state as soon as they are requested by the government. delivery platforms.

”I would like to once again thank the teams from the World Bank and the Federal Government for taking the time to honor this occasion with their presence.

”I would also like to commend the CARES team at Kebbi for also working very hard to bring us to the point where the CARES program is launched. ”

Prof. Foluso Okunmadewa, the team leader of the programme, praised Kebbi State for taking a leading position in Nigeria.

”That’s why we want other states to emulate Kebbi and the governor is to be praised.

“That’s why we’re very pleased with the governor as he works to lift more people in the state out of poverty.”

He said the World Bank appreciates the state government’s efforts, “it’s a position we want to recognize and support.”

Governor Bagudu also pledged to lead efforts to drive the agenda and lift citizens out of poverty.

He promised that the World Bank would give priority attention to Kebbi State because “Bagudu cares”.

Okunmadewa also expressed the bank’s condolences in Nigeria over the recent Kaduna train attack

Mr. Aso Valkporaye, chairman of the Federal Care Technical Committee, promised that the program would reach all families in the beneficiary states.

He described Kebbi as doing well thanks to the determined leadership of Governor Abubakar Atiku Bagudu as well as his concern for the Kebbi people and his pledge to inject N5 billion into the program.

Earlier, the State Commissioner for Budget and Economic Planning who is also the Chairman, Kebbi CARES of the Steering Committee, Dr. Abba Sani-Kalgo, in his welcoming remarks, said that the government and partners of CARES had worked hard to design and implement a program. for results that enable the state to bring relief and relief to its people and businesses across the three focus areas.

“Bagudu administration has worked hard and provided all the necessary conditions to ensure that the CARES program gets off to a good start.

“Indeed, it would be a great disservice for me to leave this podium without acknowledging the efforts of Governor Bagudu to provide all the necessary support to the kebbi to meet the eligibility criteria for participation in the CARES program.

“Indeed, there is nothing the Kebbi CARES team asked for that they did not get.

“We are launching this program here because of the Kebbi State Government’s unwavering support to ensure that the needy in society get the relevant and timely support they need to cushion the effects of the COVID pandemic,” a- he declared.

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