In a major boost to agricultural exports, first shipment of apricot from Ladakh exported to Dubai


02 Sep 2021 10:05 PM STI

New Delhi [India], Sep 2 (ANI): In a move that could boost Ladakh’s agricultural and food exports, the first commercial shipment of apricot from Union Territory (UT) has been exported to Dubai.
The apricot shipment was transhipped from Leh, Ladakh to Mumbai before being exported to Dubai.
The Agricultural and Processed Food Export Development Authority (APEDA) has been working to establish an export value chain for Ladakh apricot in association with a group of importers based in Dubai. The cargo was exported by an exporter registered with APEDA in Mumbai, the Ministry of Trade and Industry said in a press release.
Ladakh apricots have a unique soothing taste and texture with a high content of sugar and total soluble solids. Ladakh produces several varieties of apricots of which four to five varieties are used for cash cultivation and export opportunities exist for these varieties, the press release added.

Prior to this shipment to Dubai, few shipments of fresh apricot samples were sent during August from Leh to Dubai by air.
APEDA is currently assisting exports in building the Ladakh apricot brand. The fruits for the shipment were harvested, cleaned and packed by local contractors who received technical assistance from APEDA on export value chain requirements.
This export of apricots from Ladakh opens up the potential for shipments of other temperate fruits and organic products from the region to countries in the Middle East.
There have been repeated orders to ship apricots from Ladakh to various other destinations in Middle East countries like Oman and Qatar.
With the aim of boosting the exports of agricultural products from Ladakh, which would increase the incomes of farmers and entrepreneurs, APEDA, in association with the heads of the departments of horticulture, agriculture, trade and industry in the territory of the Union and the High Altitude Research Defense Institute is developing a global action plan. (ANI)

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