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On June 30, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations jointly released the report “Agricultural Outlook 2022-2031”, which highlights that global agricultural products will face to fundamental challenges over the next decade, and that we must meet this challenge in a sustainable way in order to feed a growing population and cope with the impact of food supply disruptions caused by the climate crisis. The impact of the climate crisis, among others.
According to the report, various factors have led to higher prices of agricultural products, including the urgent need for recovery from the epidemic, bad weather in the main agricultural supplier countries and rising production and transport costs, as well as that the uncertainty of agricultural exports from Ukraine. and Russia made the situation worse.
Food Organization director-general Qu Dongyu said the rising price supply shortage ultimately leads to more people living in dire straits due to reduced global food supply, and the global population people suffering from chronic malnutrition is expected to increase in 2023, and could reach more than 19 million.
In order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal of zero hunger over the next decade and to ensure that agricultural emissions meet the Paris Agreement targets, global average agricultural productivity would need to increase by 2% in order to achieve a 1.4% annual increase in global trinkets. consumption driven by population growth and a 1.1% increase in agricultural production.
Investing more in technology, infrastructure and training to increase our productivity is the key driver of agricultural growth, the report notes. In other words, we can cultivate agricultural products and use advanced technology for this purpose to improve production.
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