Launch of the Krishi UDAN 2.0 program to stimulate the mobilization of perishable agricultural products


Launching the Krishi UDAN 2.0 program to focus on transporting biodegradable food products from mountainous regions, northeastern states and tribal regions of the country, Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia assured on Wednesday that the government was committed to doubling the incomes of farmers, and to do so. we need a paradigm shift.

“The government is committed to doubling farmers ‘incomes. Doubling farmers’ incomes not only means increasing the value of the product in the market, but it also means creating a paradigm shift for farmers,” Scindia said.

Scindia cites government offer to reach more remote areas for perishable goods

Speaking about Krishi UDAN 2.0, the Minister highlighted the government’s attempt to reach the most remote areas of the country and search for perishable goods.

“To go deeper into the hinterland, to be able to deliver value especially for perishable goods, our ministry has embarked on the Krishi Udaan 2.0 program,” said Scindia.

Under the Krishi UDAN 2.0 program, the Ministry of Civil Aviation will grant full exemption from landing, parking, terminal navigation and landing fees, as well as road navigation facility fees for airlines. national airlines.

Airports operated by AAI will work to transport biodegradable food products

The ministry is ready to establish terminals in Leh, Srinagar, Nagpur, Nasik, Ranchi, Bagdogra, Raipur and Guwahati. The ministry selected 53 airports operated by the IAA to take responsibility for undertaking operations under the program.
Scindia informed that apart from these, other national and international trade routes will also be made operational under the program.

“We have identified the Amritsar-Dubai route for miniature corn, Darbhanga-to all India for lychees, Sikkim-to all India for organic products, Chennai-Vizag-Kolkata to the Far East for seafood, Agartala-Delhi-Dubai for pineapple, Dibrugarh-Delhi-Dubai for mandarins and Guwahati-Hong Kong for pulses and fruits, “said the Union Minister of Civil Aviation.

Meanwhile, Scindia said the government would work to perfect the regime’s regulations. He urged the transportation industry to note and report any bottlenecks it faces in transporting goods across the country.
Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman first stated the program during her budget speech in 2020. The initiative aims to transport agricultural products to national and international destinations which will help improve the valuation of perishable products, in particular in the northeast and tribal districts across the country.

Image: ANI / PTI

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