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Whether it’s your first time planting a vegetable patch or you’re a seasoned gardener looking for some extra motivation, cultivate your green thumb with help from these local gardening resources.

Door County Seed Library
The Door County Seed Library offers open-pollinated vegetable, herb, flower, and native seeds that people can access for free to plant and grow at home. Check out the seeds at these locations in the library:
Baileys Harbour, 920.839.2210

Egg Port, 920.868.2664

Ephraim, 920.854.2014

Fish Creek, 920.868.3471

Forestville, 920.856.6886

Sister Bay-Liberty Grove, 920.854.2721

Sturgeon Bay, 920.746.7121

Washington Island, 920.847.2323

The raised gardens are located in the rear left corner of The Garden Door, redesigned in 2015. They have been used to grow a variety of vegetables over the years – including beans, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, summer squash and more – and the selection changes seasonally, depending on what crops are of interest to the committee overseeing and tending the beds. Photo courtesy of Door County Master Gardeners Association.

Door County Master Gardeners Association In conjunction with the Door County Seed Library, the Door County Master Gardeners Association offers a free document with a list of easy-to-grow vegetables and flowers for new gardeners. Download it from dcmga.org/hands-on-gardening.html.

You can also see various raised gardens and the plants – vegetables and flowers – that fill them at The Garden Door, located at the Peninsular Agricultural Research Station, 4312 Hwy 42, a few miles north of Sturgeon Bay. While you’re there, stroll around the rest of the grounds to learn about several other types of gardens, all tended by volunteers from the Door County Master Gardeners Association.

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