Need for good management of water resources: Yogi


Lucknow: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said on Friday that more than 60 rivers had been revived in Uttar Pradesh over the past five years. In the past, these rivers could have been the backbone of agricultural production in various regions, but due to neglect, their survival was in jeopardy. Jal Shakti and rural development departments started the dying rivers revival program with public participation and today these rivers are in full flow, he said.

Addressing the closing ceremony of “Groundwater Week-2022” held in Lok Bhawan auditorium, the CM said Uttar Pradesh has fertile land and sufficient water resources. Along with groundwater, surface water was also available in sufficient quantity in the state. Good management of water resources was needed. The exploitation of groundwater has increased with the increase in population and industrialization. In the meantime, the measures that should have been taken to conserve groundwater have been neglected. This had a huge impact on the level of groundwater in the state. Many development blocks in the state fell under the category of overexploited and were marked as the dark zone. But today measures have been taken to revive the level of the water table in the dark areas, he said.

The number of development blocks in the state that were critical had increased significantly over the past 17-18 years. Today, the population of the state was around 25 crores. Naturally, more and more groundwater was used for consumption, irrigation and industrial production. Groundwater conservation work has not been done. The number of dark areas has increased in the country and in the state and along with salinity, the problem of arsenic and fluoride has become a challenge, he said.

Under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, programs like “Catch the Rain” and “Amrit Sarovar” have been launched across the country. The state government has enacted laws to strengthen the rainwater harvesting system and initiated a water conservation program.

Over the past 5 years, the campaigns have yielded positive results. “We managed to convert many development blocks from hypercritical development blocks to normal development blocks. The state government has drawn up an action plan for the management and conservation of groundwater, thanks to which there has been a drastic change in this situation. People should participate in the water conservation campaign,” Yogi said.

The country and the state were celebrating the Amrit Mahotsav program on 75 years of independence. On the occasion, the Prime Minister had called for making 75-75 Amrit Sarovars in rural and urban areas of each district. Work on Amrit Sarovars was progressing rapidly in the state. The state government had made special provisions for rainwater harvesting, making it compulsory in the construction of houses in urban areas.

On July 17, a special groundwater conservation awareness campaign was extended to 550-gram panchayats in 26 development blocks in 10 districts of the state. For this, digital underground water carts have been reported in Lucknow. These tanks encouraged people to save every drop of water, he said.

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