Northwestern College’s Agricultural Commerce Program Receives Grant


Northwestern College received a $ 1,000 grant from the Iowa Corn Collegiate Advisory Team to purchase items that will be used in the college’s revised business administration and agricultural affairs option.

The funds will support the purchase of many items, including a grain drying, handling and storage manual; a training manual on pesticides; a field guide on corn and soybeans; and implant guns.

Northwestern’s agricultural business option will undergo a major overhaul next fall. The core courses of the program will include introduction to agricultural businesses, agricultural technology systems, agricultural issues and ethics, agricultural risk and cost management, small business management, internship and internship. Many of the courses feature hands-on, high-impact experiential learning.

Vonda Post, co-chair of the commercial department, said the program has been revised based on feedback from industry executives. “We asked them what they wanted our graduates to be able to do. They emphasized that employees must be able to problem solve, think critically, and communicate well in a farming environment. These are all abilities developed through a liberal arts education like that at Northwestern. “

Northwestern’s Farm Business Option provides students with a major in business administration with distinctive agriculture courses. “Our business-centric approach contrasts with competing programs focused on the technical skills needed to raise crops and animals, with only a few commercial courses,” says Post.

The Iowa Corn Collegiate Advisory Team is made up of students from Iowa pursuing studies in agriculture. The group helps the Iowa Corn Growers Association and the Iowa Corn Promotion Board develop programs that target and improve relationships with people who pursue careers in agricultural production and allied industries.

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