Prices of agricultural products in BiH recorded an increase of almost 30% – Sarajevo Times


Prices for agricultural products in 2021 are 26.9% higher than the average price in 2015, the National Statistics Agency announced.

In 2021, compared to 2015 prices, crop producer prices increased by 37.5% and livestock prices increased by 16.4%.

The prices of goods and services for current consumption in agricultural production in 2021 compared to the average price in 2015 are higher by 12.1%, according to the Agency for Statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Rising staple food pricesThings and all the others elements, goods and services has long since reached its peak, and it seems that no mechanism or measure can stop it. But who will protect the resentful citizens in all of this?

Food prices are rising day by day, wages and pensions are the same, citizens are coping to live as they can. In the past, they say, it was bought in kilograms, but now it is bought in pieces.

Before, I bought half a kilo, and sometimes a kilo of meat. I can’t even buy 20 decagrams now.

This is insupportable. Everything is double the price.

Raise the price of coffee by two convertible marks, oil by one convertible mark. It’s a lot!

From the cantons at the level of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) to the state level – the political actors mainly focus on the mandates and the overthrow of the opponents, so they forgot the promises and the reason why they were mostly elected. That they forgot about the citizens is best illustrated by the size of the market basket, pensions, salaries and high tuition fees. It is mainly about the soaring prices of basic foodstuffs, which, it seems, no one can stop. The citizens are outraged! Who and how can protect citizens from price increases?

As this upward price trend was unstoppable, the government decided in April 2021 to adopt a measure by which it prescribed for 17 products to maintain the percentage margins as of December 31st2020,” recalls Merima Maslo, FBiH Deputy Minister of Commerce.

This decision is still in force and in the past period the competent inspections have carried out hundreds of checks. A quarter of the economic entities they controlled were found guilty of irregularities and criminal measures were pronounced against them. Thereby, the price of oil, flour, mills and bakery products, sugar, dairy products, meat and meat products has increased drastically.

This especially endangers an ordinary family living on a salary of 600, 700, or 800 BAM, if a member is salaried and works in the real estate sector, noted Gordana Bulic, President of the Consumers’ Association of the Canton of Tuzla (TC).

In addition to low salaries and pensions, production was also reduced, leading to an increase in demand. And traders are clueless.

Producer-traders try to cover part of the lost profits through wage costs by price increases, and the main reason is, of course, the increase in prices on the world market,” explains Dzel.mina Huremovic, Deputy Trade Minister of TC.

However, nothing supports citizens, in particular consumers, andaccording to the authorities, the main culprits for the increase in prices in the world and in our country are the disproportionate relations between supply and demand, as well as the coronavirus pandemic.

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