Reliable footprint calculations, training resources and industry consultation


The UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) is looking for stakeholder feedback​, views and comments regarding ​11 food additive applications that have been submitted for authorization in every nation of Great Britain.

The consultation will inform the final review of the addenda by the respective Ministers of England, Scotland and Wales.

Stakeholders were asked to consider all relevant provisions of retained EU law and other legitimate factors, evidence supporting the risk analysis, including consumer interests, feasibility technical and environmental factors related to applications.

Reliable footprint calculations

Meanwhile, DSM reports that its tool for reporting environmental performance in the animal protein production chain has obtained independent ISO certification by DNV.

The company said independent validation by DNV in accordance with ISO 14040:2006 and 14044:2006 underscores the robustness of Sustell’s Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology, a platform it co- developed with experts from Blonk Consultants.

“Third-party verification serves to assure DSM customers that Sustell’s fingerprint calculations are reliable and credible. In addition to providing accurate footprint measurement, Sustell provides actionable farm-level solutions to reduce livestock environmental emissions and improve farm profitability,”said the vitamin and enzyme producer.

Training Resources

And the UK feed representative organization the Confederation of Agricultural Industries (AIC) has launched a new training academy.

It has brought together all of its training resources for its members, trade assurance program participants and feed advisors under the AIC Academyumbrella.

Available on the AIC website, the academy lists all available training, including support for trade assurance programs such as i-learning, HACCP and Driver CPC courses, as well as the Feed Adviser Register, and general courses such as compliance law. Links to relevant external courses are also provided.

John Kelley, AIC COO and AIC Services Managing Director, said AIC Academy makes it easier for users to find information about training options by consolidating it into one central resource. “The various training modules can be taken by individuals or used as part of staff training and development programs within their companies.

AIC Academy will add additional training resources as they become available.

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