Sea Cadets will help the government achieve SDG-14 by harnessing ocean resources: PM


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. File photo


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. File photo

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said today that the important role of the Marine Fisheries Academy cadets will help the government achieve SDG-14 by harnessing ocean resources for sustainable development.

“The government has taken a number of steps to achieve SDG-14 using marine resources for sustainable development. I hope your role will be inevitable in achieving this goal of our government,” he said. she stated.

Hasina said this while addressing the special parade marking ‘Mujib Borsho’ of the 41st Sea Fisheries Academy Band.

The program took place at the Marine Fisheries Academy and the Prime Minister joined from his official residence in Gono Bhaban.

The Prime Minister said the cadets, trained at the academy, will become fearless sailors on the high seas. “I firmly believe that this knowledge acquired through hard work, perseverance and intensive training will be useful in your future work .”

Referring to the reclamation of large maritime areas of India and Myanmar, Hasina said the Awami League government has placed particular emphasis on the “blue economy” and the extraction of resources from the sea has opened a new door for the socio-economic development of the growing population of Bangladesh. .

“With your active participation, I hope, the extraction of marine resources will be further enhanced, which will enrich our economy while helping to achieve the government’s blue economy goal,” she said.

The Prime Minister said that the Bay of Bengal, a reservoir of natural resources, constantly provides a huge amount of fish resources to meet the protein demand of the people of Bangladesh. “Thus, you should always play a leading role in the extraction, preservation and commercialization of Bay of Bengal fisheries, alongside conserving its biodiversity and preventing environmental pollution.”

The prime minister said the father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman had focused on agricultural and industrial revolution as well as the maritime sector to strengthen the economic base of war-torn Bangladesh after independence.

She said the Territorial Waters and Maritime Zones Act 1974 was enacted by Bangabandhu for Bangladesh in 1974, at a time when there were no specific standards to frame maritime law in the world.

She said that the Marine Fisheries Academy, Bangladesh’s first independent maritime educational institution, was established in 1973 on the south bank of the Karnaphuli River under the far-reaching plan and direction of the Father of the Nation.

The Prime Minister said the academy was established to generate skilled manpower in the fisheries sector for the efficient extraction of fishery resources from the country’s vast seas, meeting the demand for protein from largest population and earning foreign currency.

But she regretted that the progress of the Marine Fisheries Academy was hampered after the assassination of the Father of the Nation in 1975 and that there was no progress then as expected.

Since the Awami League government took power, she said, it is transforming this institution into a maritime educational institution of international standard.

According to the election manifesto of the Awami League government, Hasina said, female cadets are admitted to this academy for the development of female education and female empowerment.

She mentioned that the recruitment of female cadets started from the 32nd promotion in 2010.

The prime minister said 1,914 cadets, including 58 female cadets who successfully graduated from the academy, worked hard in various maritime sectors at home and abroad to strengthen the foundations of the country’s economy.

This year, a total of 84 female and male cadets, including 33 cadets from the nautical department, 31 cadets from the marine engineering department and 20 cadets from the marine fisheries department, pass into the 41st promotion of the academy.

A video documentary on the Marine Fisheries Academy was also screened as part of the program.

The Prime Minister also attended the special parade and received the salute.

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