Thai agricultural products benefit from a surge in export growth


Thailand’s top five agricultural exports by value were UHT milk and UHT soy milk with an export value of 46.64 billion baht, sugar and sugar products (38.07 billion baht), rubber (29.9 billion baht), edible seasonings. (28.43 billion Bt) and salad dressings made from cereals, flour and milk (25.09 billion Bt).

Chanthanon added that Thailand has also benefited from growth in agricultural exports thanks to free trade agreements outside Asean. Growth was 33.06 percent with a value of 653.66 billion baht last year, allowing Thailand to enjoy a trade surplus of 474.19 billion baht for trade in agricultural products.

The markets that recorded the highest export growth rates last year were India, China, South Korea, New Zealand and Japan. The agricultural products with the highest export growth were palm oil (22.78 billion Bt), tapioca (41.02 billion Bt), rubber (175.97 billion Bt), fruits fresh (135.99 billion Bt) and starch and inulin products (52 billion Bt). .8 billion).

“It was a good year for the export of Thai agricultural products, despite the pandemic. That may be partly because consumers and businesses have adapted to the situation,” Chanthanon said.

He said the Ministry of Agriculture will ensure that Thai agricultural products are not contaminated when exported and the country is confident of seeing higher growth this year.

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