Thailand’s durian export growth outpaces all other agricultural products

Durian export growth has outpaced that of all other agricultural products, including rice, rubber and cassava, the UTCC said.

A recent study by the University of Thailand Chamber of Commerce (UTCC) indicated that the growth of durian exports has exceeded that of all other agricultural products, including rice, rubber and cassava.

In 2021, durian exports were valued at 187.2 billion baht, while rice, rubber and cassava export values ​​totaled 100.4 billion, 91.4 billion and 43.1 billion baht respectively.

The UTCC study also found that the durian production ecosystem recorded around 640 billion baht in cash flow, with durian exports for 2022 expected to be valued at 200 billion baht.

Additionally, UTCC conducted a new Durian Risk Index (DURI) assessment, which predicted that Thai durians would face immense challenges over the next five years from 2022 to 2026 due to the ‘intensive farming. Durian farms occupied over 900,000 rai in 2021, a major jump from 600,000 rai in 2011. The northeast and eastern regions hold the highest concentration of durian farms, with many producers of rubber also switching to the cultivation of durians. The move pushed average annual durian production to 337,000 metric tons from just 70,000 tons previously. Production is expected to reach 2.9 million tonnes by 2026.

The price of durian, on the other hand, is expected to experience a sharp decline if this trend continues as more countries encourage durian cultivation and set the stage for fierce competition for market share in the near future.

The study also predicts that Thailand will have a global durian market share of 76% in 2026, up from 85% currently. (NNT)

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