They will relocate a merchant of agricultural products from La Chorrera


Some 86 traders from Farm products located in ththe temporary food market from La Chorrerathey must to relocate in a new point of sale which will be located at land oftheat the Fair of La Chorrera.

the relocation obeys to one request of the company Constructora Pacífico Atlántico, SA (Copasa) of need spaces that sellers occupy for advanced construction of new market.

Dania Domínguez, engineering manager of the public company Mercados Nacionales de la Cadena de Frío, SA, indicated that in This site I know they will build parking spaces and the Treatment facilities from residual water.

Those work must be completed at the end of March considering that the delivery date of new market is October 2022.

The contractor has advised that once the area is cleared, sanitary pipes, power lines and compaction will be placed.


Carlos García, president of the Patronage of the Fair of La Chorrera, confirmed that there are areas available who can be activated to locate the sellers.

He further stated that availability will be available from security personnel Yes CCTV cameras; as well as other controls.

ANDsupply from electric power, plus anothers basic services, will be supported by National Cold Chain Markets, SA

Mayor Tomás Velásquez said the merchants could esmall star over a year andin the fair given that after the end of the works of construction, it rneed permissions from Occupation and inspections speak Republic Comptroller.

According to the calculations of the municipal authorities and the Mercados Nacionales de la Cadena de Frío, SA, obtaining these permits can take up to three months.

For their part, the merchants from farm products, indicates thatand there is availability for to relocate although there is also restlessness through short which can occur in Sales.


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