Tunisia: Kébili – Symposium on the development of agricultural products in the Saharan regions


Tunis / Tunisia – The work of the international conference on processing technologies for agricultural products in the Saharan regions (TAGS_2021) began on Tuesday in Kebili.

This meeting is organized at the initiative of the Higher Institute of Technological Studies in partnership with the Institute of Arid Regions of Kebili and the Libyan Organization for Agriculture and the Environment.

“The objective of this scientific conference is to take stock of the latest university studies on the development of agricultural products and to examine the difficulties encountered by desert agriculture and the strategies to be developed to overcome them”, declared Hakim Abdelhafidh , secretary general of the Forum. FAUCET.

For his part, the vice-president of the “Arab Network on Climate Change” and representative of the University of Benghazi, Sami Aoujri indicated that this forum, organized jointly between the Tunisian and Libyan structures, is part of the consecration of the sustainable development and reduction of the impact of climate change on the agricultural sector, weakened by drought and the high cost of production.

He also spoke of the impact of these changes on the disappearance of certain biological systems, calling for the need to preserve natural resources to ensure the sustainability of the agricultural sector and guarantee food security for current populations and future generations.

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