Uganda to benefit from $300 billion agricultural produce market in China


Uganda will benefit from the “green lanes” that the Chinese government has pledged to open, which will help African countries export agricultural products worth $300 billion (1,069.5 trillion) to China. shillings) over the next three years.

According to Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi, this will further increase the reach of African products as they will enjoy the zero-tariff treatment.

According to Yi, this arrangement will bring Africa’s total imports to China over the next three years to $300 billion.

Yi made the revelation during a meeting with Ugandan Foreign Minister General Jeje Odongo in Dakar, Senegal on Sunday (November 29th) on the sidelines of the eighth Ministerial Conference on the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation ( FOCAC).

A statement from the Chinese Embassy in Uganda today quoted Yi as saying; “China will open ‘green lanes’ for African agricultural exports to China, further expand the scope of African products enjoying zero-duty treatment, and strive to increase total imports from Africa over the next three years. next few years to $300 billion.”

According to Yi, all these measures are poised to enhance the growth of exports from African countries, including Uganda, to China and boost bilateral trade between China and Uganda as well as with the United States. Africa in general, to new levels.

Uganda and China enjoy cordial economic, social and political relations, with the Republic of China funding several development projects worth billions of shillings in Uganda, especially infrastructure developments aimed at improving trade.

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