Ukrainian imports of agricultural products up 19% in 2021


Ukraine imported $8.2 billion worth of agricultural products in 2021, 19% more than in 2020, when imports amounted to $6.9 billion.

According to Ukrinform, this information was provided by Mykola Puhachov, deputy director of the National Scientific Center “Institute of Agrarian Economy (IAE)”, with reference to the State Customs Service, the IAE press service reports.

In 2021, EU countries remained the main supplier of agricultural products to Ukraine. Total imports from these countries reached $4,217 million ($3,554 million in 2020). The share of EU products in the structure of total agricultural imports last year was 51.6%.

Puhachov noted that although purchases from other regions increased, the absolute and relative rates of imports from those regions were much lower. Imports of food products from Asia amounted to $1,533 million (18.7% of total imports), from Latin America – $634 million (7.8%), from CIS countries at $343 million (4.2%) and from Africa at $342 million (4.2%).

Since 2017, Poland has maintained the first place in the ranking of the main suppliers of agricultural products to Ukraine. Last year, it sold $883 million worth of agricultural products to Ukraine, almost 7% more than in 2020 ($828 million), according to Puhachov.

Other major importers from Ukraine included Germany ($586 million); Italy ($586 million); Turkey ($520 million); France ($351 million); the Netherlands ($334 million); Indonesia ($328 million); Norway ($314 million); the United States ($288 million); Spain ($264 million). In total, these 10 countries accounted for more than 54% of total imports to Ukraine in 2021.

The expert noted that the main agricultural products imported into Ukraine were fish and seafood ($874 million); fruits, berries and nuts ($835 million); alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages ($719 million); tobacco products ($602 million); miscellaneous food items ($559 million); cocoa products ($442 million); vegetable oils ($378 million); oleaginous seeds and fruits ($376 million). These products accounted for about 59% of the import value of agricultural products in Ukraine.

As reported by Ukrinform, Ukraine exported $27.9 billion in agricultural products and foodstuffs in 2021, almost 25% more than the record figure of 2020 ($22.4 billion). .


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